From Budapest to Bamako

What is Budapest-Bamako

Where the Dakar left off…

The once legendary Dakar Rally has left one spiritual heir in Africa. The Budapest-Bamako keeps the flame of trans-Saharan driving adventures alive. The start is not Paris, the finish is not Dakar, the costs are not the same, but the experience and the spirit of adventure has not changed. Bump along the teeth rattling roads of Morocco. Tackle the golden dunes of Mauritania. Year after year, the Budapest-Bamako is a demanding epic adventure.
In 2018 the rally returns to one of the most pleasant destinations in West Africa, the newly democratic Gambia.
The route is expected to be spectacular and demanding and as always, full of unexpected twists, turns and adventure. For teams in racing and 4×4 adventures the route will be stunning and very demanding. For bikers natural beauty, varied landscapes and backbreaking routes are expected.

Rocky roads. Sahara. Savannah.

The start in Budapest is a major event with thousands lining the streets of the Hungarian capital. The route takes you through Austria, Italy, France and Spain along the coast. Teams drive on paved and offroad sections through Morocco, Mauritania Sengal before reaching Gambia.

Caravane Humanitare.

The Budapest-Bamako is the biggest charity rally in Africa. In 2009 and 2010 we delivered close to 700,000 Euros worth of aid. We dug a fresh water well in a Mauritanian village. We gave an incubator, sterilization equipment and other medical supplies to a free clinic that operated with pre-historic tools in a Bamako slum. We erected solar panels in villages, gave bicycles to women who have no transportation. We support the work of schools that rescue childred from day labor. Several teams gave their cars as ambulances to villages, One car donated their van to the Institute For The Blind as a school bus. Charity begins in your heart. Be creative. Be generous. Each year the team performing the most outstanding charity work receives the Mother Teresa Charity Award.



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Meet The Team


I've dreamed about participating in a Paris-Dakar like rally since I was a kid, Finally I decided it is time to lay down the flowcharts and staff meetings and turn this dream into reality and embark on this wonderfull Journey .

Roald VandepitteNavigator & First Aid

Born an adventurer, Pieter-Jan lived in the Philippines for years and learned to overcome every challenge with limited resources and some fine Belgian Beer.
When asked if he wanted to embark on this adventure he kindly noded his head and said "T'is goed, we zijn weg" and so the adventure starts..

Pieter-Jan VererfvenPilot & Mechanic Genius

Visa's, papers, administration. All of this is wonderfully handled By Katlijn. While we focus on car and route, the back-office is het good hands .

Katlijn VererfvenBack-office

And off course a big team of friends, partners, and enthusiasts. who's knowledge, time and resources is greatly appreciated in advancing our journey.

The adventure core